Swivel Club Newsletter

The Swivel Club Charity was formed some 17 years ago and was brought about by a group of people wanting to help local people.

Although it did not operate for some years, the club in its present format was rekindled about 8 years ago and aims to bring about lasting change to people’s lives, helping them to benefit from the donations made.

Local people are those living within close proximity to the NN10 postcode. The Charity has in fact helped other local charities but have a tendency now to help individuals and families.

Our assistance has provide mobility scooters, stair lifts to those in need, along with financing those people with terminal illness who have a wish to undertake something special before they die.

A family man with 2 children who simply wanted to be with his family on a small holiday to the east coast, to remind him of the good times he spent with them and whose finances did not allow this to happen. The Swivel club made this happen and financed the holiday, before he died one week after returning from the holiday.

The 45 year old man that was also terminally ill and was too proud to ask for financial assistance to arrange a Christmas meal with all his family and to provide presents for his small children, knowing this would be his last Christmas with them, but for which he did not have the finances to do. The Swivel Club stepped and in and provided that wish for him, only for him to pass away on Boxing Day.

These are examples of where your money is spent. Local people -local causes.

We achieve this funding by putting on good varied entertainment to suit all musical tastes. Within this brochure are the acts booked to perform for you throughout 2019.

We want to help people for whom other sources of support have failed, been inappropriate or are simply not available. To achieve this we aim to make grants that work towards one or more of our key values.

We can only do this with your support and we hope you will come along to as many events as you can.

You help us to ‘Turn Peoples Lives Around” and we thank you most sincerely for that.

Upon behalf of the Swivel Club Committee we thank you fo the support you have given us over the past few years and hope you will continue.


Colin Wright