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Westlife vs Boyzone


“Westlife Vs Boyzone” are the closest tribute to 2 of the world’s biggest Irish boybands of all time! Since you can no longer go and see the real bands in concert, why not experience the next best thing? With highly polished vocal performances and slick choreography from their biggest tours, they are truly unrivalled in the tribute world. Throw in smart, professional and highly visual costumes as well as “sexy” Irish accents and you’ll see why these boys get rebooked time and time again across the UK. This show is a must see for those ladies looking to relive the nostalgic 90’s and experience those ultimate boyband classics. Taking you back to a period of time where boyband “cheese”  was at its peak and if you’re lucky, you might get to see an “air grab” or 2! From dance floor fillers such as “Uptown Girl” and “Going gets Tough”, to sing-a-long ballads such as “Flying Without Wings” and “No Matter What” there is something for everyone - Do not miss out on this brilliant show.